Experience effortless medical record ordering with the Advita to Lifity API Integration

November 5th, 2021

About the Integration

The Advita to Litify API integration gives you the ability to seamlessly hand off medical records between the two platforms. You will have straightforward and practically effortless medical record ordering right at your fingertips, saving your business time and energy in the short and long run. Our database currently contains over 500,000 medical providers and this number is constantly increasing. With such a variety of options on such an easy to navigate platform, it takes virtually no time for you to find the right provider for your medical matter. The Advita platform allows for hassle free installation by leveraging the flexibility of the Litify Platform, enabling you to be up and running with minimal resource investment. Anyone on your team or within your company will be able to use this integration, even with no prior API experience.

A look into the integration

Requesting Medical Records

The integration begins when you are ready to request a medical record. This is where you initiate all your requests to order medical records for your clients; you can order labs, bills, x-rays, and more! After choosing the appropriate provider for your matter, the request medical records pop-up will appear. In the pop-up, you can specify the type of medical record you need, the dates in which the record(s) were created and indicate whether this is a rush or certified order.

The comments section at the bottom of the pop-up is helpful when you need to add specifications or directions that were not previously listed in your request form.

Once you have completed your request form and order comments, you can add a file to your matter. This option allows you to select any of the documents that are already listed for your case. By clicking on the specified files for a preview, you can double check that everything is as it should be before sending.

You can review your order history and all information provided in your submitted requests; these fields sync directly to the Advita system so any changes to the order will update on the order status in real time.

Creating a new provider

There are over 500,000 providers in the Advita database, but every now and then, there may be a provider who is not listed in the platform. You can search for new providers through the application if the provider you need is not already added to your matter. This is why the number of providers in the Advita database is constantly increasing.


Our application programming interface is very user-friendly and gives you the opportunity to reference your available parties for a specified matter directly in the app. Having everything in one place is what this integration is all about; the simplicity of it all is really what makes it so valuable.

Check out our Advita to Litify integration page to learn more about how it can benefit your business today.