Introducing Recordboss

November 19th, 2021

If you’ve been relying on traditional optical character recognition (OCR) methods to identify and extract the information you need, you’ve been missing out.

Meet RecordBoss - the most effective cloud-based web app in the industry. Our new technology utilizes advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning to scan medical records for any custom keywords and phrases that you define.  Our groundbreaking document recognition software is the fastest and most efficient in the game.

Unlike traditional OCR methods, RecordBoss saves users up to 70% of their time searching and reviewing records with 98.5% text accuracy (including almost all legible handwriting). RecordBoss will highlight, annotate, bookmark, and index your search terms for easy, instant retrieval that is clear, precise, encrypted, secure, and HIPAA compliant. Because it leverages AI and machine learning, RecordBoss is constantly creating a usable database for repeatable data mining, which saves users time upfront, and in the long run. Unlike our competitors, RecordBoss does not require traditional OCR processing.

This innovative new tool is user-friendly, and your files can be uploaded directly to the RecordBoss web portal, submitted through the RecordBoss API, or automatically retrieved from any popular cloud-based file service.  

RecordBoss can identify key data in electronic medical records including: 

  • ICD 9/10 diagnostic and procedure codes 
  • CPT® & HCPCS billing codes, dates, and fees 
  • Generic and named brand drugs 
  • Searching of handwritten text 
  • Medical devices with model numbers 
  • Identify and organize all dates in any format 
  • Identify any custom terms or phrases 

Additional RecordBoss services include: 

  • Excel report of all drugs ordered by doctor 
  • Excel chronology of medical events 
  • Comparison of billing ledgers to Medicare RVUs 
  • Privilege log searching 
  • Identification of poor‐quality pages 
  • Web‐based real‐time reporting 
  • Long‐term storage and retrieval of records 
  • Custom programming services 

RecordBoss is transforming the document recognition software industry and setting a new standard for OCR technology. Check out our website to learn more about how RecordBoss can make your life easier and influence your business practices.